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The nursery survey goes on

25.08.2017, Tomáš Májek

The planned nursery survey goes on, the collected soil samles were baited, isolated and identified.

Journal Club

24.06.2017, Tomáš Májek

Annual journal club of the Phytophthora research centre took place at Mendelu on 22nd of June 2017. The invited guests were Issah Justice Surugu from the University of Ghana, Martin…

The construction of the laboratory

12.05.2017, Tomáš Májek

The construction of the laboratory has started. After proper public tender, the construction of the new laboratiories has started at Mendel University. The laboratories should be ready to use at…

Nursery survey has started

25.04.2017, Tomáš Májek

The planned nursery survey has started. Dr. Ivan Milenkovic together with other colleagues has started testing nurseries in the Czech Republic for presence of the Phytophthora species. The results will…

IUFRO Phytophthora conference in Vietnam

26.03.2017, Tomáš Májek

Four members of the scientific team have participated in the 8th meeting of IUFRO Working Party 7-02-09, Thomas Jung, Ivan Milenkovic, Matej Panek and Tamara Corcobado. All the participants from the…