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Phytophthora research centre

The project objective is to create an excellence research team focused on research of Phytophthora diseases. Its aim is to contribute to a deeper understanding of factors affecting diversity,  adaptation and hybridization processes in the important oomycete genus Phytophthora through the application and implementation of innovative technologies based on microbiology, bioinformatics, biology, ecophysiology, anatomy of plants  and bioclimatology, evolutionary history of this genus and molecular mechanisms driving susceptibility and resistance of oaks against soilborne pathogens from the genus Phytophthora.
The expected results will contribute to the knowledge on the phytopathology of woody plants as one of the key areas of the excellence research at MENDELU with positive consequences for the management and protection of European ecosystems. The existing international cooperation with leading world institutions will be further strengthened by establishing and maintaining the established international team at MENDELU. Another goal is to acquire international research projects in the field of Phytophthora diseases of woody plants. Within the project the existing infrastructure will be improved with highly sophisticated laboratory equipment.

What changes are expected within the project 

Improvements of the knowledge on the impact of these pathogens on tree physiology, genetics and ecosystem stability at the excellent level.
The integration of MENDELU researchers in international scienctific networks, intensifying current research cooperations and acquisition of new strategic partners.

Increasing competitiveness of members of the research team and the quality of their outputs.

Acquisition of financial resources for scientific research with the involvement in international projects in the field of R&D within the current EU programs, including Horizon 2020, INTERREG etc.

Completion of the existing laboratory infrastructure of the R&D centre and acquisition of sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment necessary for applying complex methodological approaches in Phytophthora research and related research topics.

Modernization of the infrastructure, which allows the extension of research capacities providing perspectives even beyond the end of the project.

Promotion and involvement of PhD students, development of their skills in latest methodological approaches and participation in international scientific cooperations.