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Lexogen RNA-Seq seminar

27.09.2017, Tomáš Májek

Lexogen’s portfolio for complete and targeted transcriptomeanalysis by RNA sequencing: new methods and developments   Seminar will be held on Mendel University and hosted by Lukas Paul, PhD / Senior Manager…

5th Czech-Slovak Mycological conference

06.09.2017, Tomáš Májek

The 5th Czech-Slovak Mycological conference was arranged on August 28-30th, 2017 at Masaryk University in Brno, organized by Czech Scientific Society for Mycology. Michal Tomšovský and Matěj Pánek took part…

The new high mass resolution GC-MS

01.09.2017, Tomáš Májek

  The new high mass resolution GC-MS instrument will be available for our phytophthora metabolomics in September. We have successfully completed the first testing phase and we are now ready…

The nursery survey goes on

25.08.2017, Tomáš Májek

The planned nursery survey goes on, the collected soil samles were baited, isolated and identified.

Journal Club

24.06.2017, Tomáš Májek

Annual journal club of the Phytophthora research centre took place at Mendelu on 22nd of June 2017. The invited guests were Issah Justice Surugu from the University of Ghana, Martin…