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Michal Tomšovský


Current research interests:


Molecular methods for detection and identification of ooomycetes and fungi from plant tissues, soil and water.

Root pathology of trees.

Taxonomy and phylogeny of Phytophthora and fungi.

Cultivation of filamentous fungi.

Microscopic methods for identification of fungi and oomycetes

Coordination and management of scientific projects.


Key publications:


  • Tomšovský M., Menkis A., Vasaitis R. (2010): Phylogenetic relationships in European Ceriporiopsis species inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences. – Fungal Biology 114 (4): 350-358.
  • Tomšovský M., Sedlák P., Jankovský L. (2010): Species recognition and phylogenetic relationships of European Porodaedalea (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales). – Mycological Progress 9 (2): 225-233.
  • Antonín V., Sedlák P., Tomšovský M.(2013): Taxonomy and phylogeny of European Gymnopus subsection Levipedes (Basidiomycota, Omphalotaceae). – Persoonia 31: 179-187.
  • Štěpánková P., Černý K., Strnadová V.,  Hanáček P., Tomšovský M.(2013): Identification of Phytophthora alni subspecies in riparian stands in the Czech Republic. – Plant Protection Science (2013) 49( Special Issue):. 3-10..

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