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Leticia Botella Sánchez

Current research interests:


I am interested in viruses hosted by forest fungal and oomycetous pathogens. My research is mostly focused on the description of novel species of viruses and on understanding their influence on the biolog​y,​ phylogeny​ and evolution​of their hosts. I have experience with​ viruses within fungal forest pathogens, such as Gremmeniella abietina, Hymenoscyphus fraxineus​,Fusarium circinatum and now Phytophthora species.​
In paralell, I also collaborate in projects about the dispersion of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, Fusarium circinatum, Caliciopsis pinea, and wood-inhabiting fungi.


Key publications:


  • Botella, Leticia; Diez, Julio Javier; ,Phylogenic diversity of fungal endophytes in Spanish stands of Pinus halepensis,Fungal Diversity, Springer
  • Botella, L; SantamarĂ­a, O; Diez, JJ; ,Fungi associated with the decline of Pinus halepensis in Spain,Fungal Diversity,40,1,1-11,2010,Springer
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  • Botella, Leticia; Tuomivirta, Tero T; Hantula, Jarkko; Diez, Julio J; Jankovsky, Libor; ,The European race of Gremmeniella abietina hosts a single species of Gammapartitivirus showing a global distribution and possible recombinant events in its history,Fungal biology,119,2,125-135,2015,Elsevier
  • Schoebel, Corine N; Botella, Leticia; Lygis, Vaidotas; Rigling, Daniel; ,Population genetic analysis of a parasitic mycovirus to infer the invasion history of its fungal host,Molecular Ecology,2017