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Survey in Ukraine

Dr. Ivan Milenković and Dr. Tamara Corcobado visited Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) in Lviv. The purpose of their trip was sampling and isolation of Phytophthora species in rivers and natural and seminatural ecosystems in Ukraine. Together with colleagues Dr. Iryna Matsiakh and Dr. Volodymyr Kramarets from Institute of Forestry and Gardening at UNFU they choose and sampled in three different regions in Ukraine, including Carpathian Mountains in the southern Ukraine, central part near Termopil city, and several forest areas in the nothern part of the country.

At present cooperation agreement between Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and Institute of Forestry and Gardening is being signed. Within Dr. Matsiakh´s visit of the Phytophthora Research Centre in Brno joint cooperation and common publications were discussed.

Photos are available in our Photogallery