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Oomycete Molecular Genetics Network (OMGN)


Because of their economic impact as plant pathogens, molecular, genetic and genomics studies are well advanced in many oomycete species. These organisms have served as lead species for the entire Stramenopiles lineage, a major radiation of crown eukaryotes, distinct from plants, animals and fungi. The oomycete molecular genetics community has a strong culture of collaboration and communication, and sharing of techniques and resources. With the recent blossoming of genetic and genomic tools for oomycetes, many new investigators, from a variety of backgrounds, have become interested in oomycete molecular genetics and genomics. The goals of the Oomycete Molecular Genetics Network is to facilitate the integration of these investigators into the community and to further strengthen the cooperative culture of this community.

The proposed network is open to all researchers with an interest in oomycete molecular genetics and genomics, either at an experimental or a computational level. Investigators new to the field are always welcome, especially those interested in saprophytes and animal pathogens. Please email with a brief description of your research interests if you wish to become a member of the network.

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