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Dr. Martin Černý


Martin Černý has been working in the field of molecular biology and biochemistry since 2005. His research interests are focused on “omics” approaches, including proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics

Key publications:


  • Černý, M., Dyčka, F., Bobáľová, J., Brzobohatý, B. (2011) Early cytokinin response proteins and phosphoproteins of Arabidopsis thaliana identified by proteome and phosphoproteome profiling. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 921-937. IF2016: 5.83
  • Černý, M., Jedelský, P.L., Novák, J., Schlosser, A., Brzobohatý, B. (2014) Cytokinin modulates proteomic, transcriptomic and growth responses to temperature-shocks in Arabidopsis. Plant, Cell & Environment 37 (7), 1641-1655. IF2016: 6.17
  • Černý, M., Kuklová, A., Hoehenwarter, W., Fragner, L., Novák, O., Rotková, G., Jedelský, P.L., Žáková, K., Šmehilová, M., Strnad, M., Weckwerth, W., Brzobohatý, B. (2013) Proteome and metabolome profiling of cytokinin action in Arabidopsis identifying both distinct and similar responses to cytokinin down- and up-regulation. Journal of Experimental Botany 64, 4193-4206. IF2016: 5.83
  • Černý, M., Skalák, J., Černá, H., Brzobohatý, B. (2013) Advances in purification and separation of posttranslationally modified proteins. Journal of Proteomics 92, 2-27. IF2016: 3.91
  • Novák, J., Černý, M., Pavlů, J., Zemánková, J., Skalák, J., Plačková, L., Brzobohatý, B. (2015) Roles of proteome dynamics and cytokinin signaling in root to hypocotyl ratio changes induced by shading roots of Arabidopsis seedlings. Plant and Cell Physiology 56 (5), 1006-1018. IF2016: 4.76